4 Reasons Why You Need To Let Go Of Your Past

Are you still giving your past permission to speak? Are you sick and tired of your past haunting you? Does it feel like your past is always on your mind, day in and day out? Well, I too know all too well about allowing your past to control your life! See, I know you are reading this and saying, LaTersa you don’t understand all the pain and all the hurt that I have suffered because of my past. I will say it again, YES, I do understand and I have been there, done that and won the t-shirt in it. I’m so tired of seeing women and men for that matter allowing their past to keep them stuck at a dead end job, in a bad and un-fulfilling relationship, playing themselves small because they think that people will judge them by what has happened to them in the past.

Well, Keep reading because I want to share with you 4 key reasons why you should let go of your past…

It’s Not about you: When I finally understood this very thing, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. See, the devil knows more about you than you or I tend to give him credit for. He knows your weaknesses and your strengths so he use those against us. You will be able to look back and see all the lessons that he was trying to teach you, if you just go through it.

God wants to build your faith and tough muscles. When you are going through your trials and tribulations, God uses those to test your faith and to really see how much do you believe in him and trust in him. He wants to strengthen you so the very next time, you are faced with an issue, you can say, if God brought me through that, I know without a shadow of doubt that he can bring me through this.

You will have a GREAT testimony: Do you know that without a test, there can be no testimony. So, in order for you to be able to witness to other people how great God is, you have to first past the test.

Someone else needs to hear your story: Did you know that when God allows certain things to happen to us, that it’s really not about you, it’s about all those other people out there who are experiencing the same thing that you are going through, so the sooner you overcome your obstacles, the sooner you will be able to help someone else.

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