Defining World Reality – Business & Life

If you consider yourself to be successful, you know that life and business are not a sunshine. If you consider yourself to be worthy or value yourself, you know that you should stick to your ideals, goals, vision and most importantly – remember the reality. Let me tell you something, I definitely would love to share this with everyone that cares about themselves and needs to hear life reality instead of wanting to hear what you want. It is what in my opinion, defines in many of the ways marvelous lessons and other breathtaking scenarios that already define what in my mind always equals, dignity.

Many of us have grown very lucky. Lucky to have a home, comfortable walls to to live by and a feel of protection day in and night out. Many of us have gotten even luckier when we have had the privilege to live with and stood by family and friends who live a wonderful life because of two major concepts that involve many of my principles. Just like the famous two ending words the astrologer “Walter Mercado” says, the only two words I believe from him by the way, peace and love. How do you achieve peace and love? What can you accomplish with perceived dignity? The answers in my opinion are never easy to take, they are not tricky, they are very delicate ones, but rather simple ones to understand.

The mother of all answers for being successful both in life and business I truly believe is, intelligent perseverance. Adding the compliment of intelligent is truly important. Perseverance can just be define as an action you take, calmly, without complaint, are solemnly able to stick through patience, hard work (usually more than 20-30% better work then others) and are able to endure and prevail when difficult situations are force upon you or to you in a way – because you might have unconsciously forced them yourself.

For years many of us stick by one of the greatest myths of all: you get hit and you hit “the thing”. You get hit and you hit “the situation” even harder. You get hit maliciously (and it happens) and some just believe they should get revenge – which is a stupid thing to do. I want to be 100% clear on this, all of the above myths and bully concepts in the last three sentences are in plain words, completely wrong and nobody should follow such the average tough guy tradition.

What I do and what I believe anyone intelligent should do, again, in my opinion – is persist. Persist when you feel correct and perseverance is believed by you to be at your side. And if you are anything like me, you will ask yourself how in this mega-gigantic world you should persist and persevere? The only hard knock answer anyone honest enough should tell you is that it should be decided through your life realistic experiences and a good track record.

Best thing about is as many of us learned when growing up to mature adult age, it is that it isn’t about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you and I can get hit and keep moving yourself forward, if and only if, you are a healthy guy and have an excellent workable record. Words don’t move people, facts and experiences do and I have been intelligently tough in life in the great majority of the situations, because in the end you and I know we are winners if we keep our ideals and modify the needed things we need to modify in order to be even more successful.

Win or lose in your mind with any of the above thinking or principles, and you either lose with dignity or win successfully to keep moving with your life. Life is a great thing, now what is it going to be?

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