Free Personality Tests

Personality tests are generally used to determine the type of one’s personality, the skills and values one possesses, etc. Or, they can be used simply to find out what type of personality one has. Personality tests are now regularly used to determine one’s aptitude for a certain type of occupation or career. Today it is common practice for most businesses to use personality tests before choosing an employee. Even lovers and husbands are using them to judge their partners. In short, personality tests are used with various purposes in mind. Personality tests can be various types. Many of them are found on the Internet and, in most cases, they are free.

However, free personality tests are not always accurate. So, if you are looking for an accurate indication of your personality, you should check if the following criteria are fulfilled: they must be empirical and accurate, normed and reliable and consistent. The first criterion means that the test is based on scientifically designed questions. The second one, i.e., being normed means that when the assessment results are tabulated as a group, the number and pattern of personality types it shows must represent the general population who are likely to be taking the test. The third criterion means that the test should return the same overall pattern of results for the same person if taken more than one time, although the answers might differ slightly from day to day because of normal moods and perceptions. Of course, there are some sites that will give a more or less accurate indication of your personality. These tests are sometimes so complicated that they are open to misinterpretation by someone who is not conversant with it. So, it is wise to get the results reviewed by a trained administrator to get the full benefit of the test.

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